Job Description

Senior Traffic Executive

The Senior Traffic Executive monitors resource requirements and utilization of the team in order to assess resource shortages/oversupplies.

Working closely with the Management and HR  Teams to review, report and action resource requirements across all business functions, you'll have prior experience of Creative agency operations and an in depth understanding of the resource requirements projects need to be successfully executed, and experience assessing skillsets and allocating the right resource to a project.


  • Review all projects and assign specific team members to the project based on requirements and timelines.
  • Partner with line managers and client leads to manage, adjust and ensure deadlines are met.
  • Create resource plans that will ensure that the work will be completed within the Clients deadlines, while allowing sufficient time to deliver work to the high standards expected by MLG and our Clients.
  • Acts as the mediator between all Account Managers to establish and re-evaluate priorities.
  • Reviews workloads with the various departments on a regular basis and adjusts assignments as needed making sure that the appropriate talent is used and workloads are evenly maintained.
  • Make adjustments to resource plans for each project and overall workload as job demands change.
  • Develop annual resource plan and update monthly based on the committed project and pipeline, keep line management and HR informed about the resource requirement and allocation.
  • Build strong relationships with all department heads, keeping open lines of communication to effectively manage projects, deadlines and any issues that may need Management’s attention.
  • Develop weekly resource utilization report to share wit the Management Team during the weekly meeting, and highlight issues needs immediate action.
  • Coordinates with Management and HR on all outsourced requirements and the scheduling and delivery of those resources, keeping budget in mind.